Arthur Schnitzler digital is using the Transcribo software to produce a digital transcription and annotation of both typescript and manuscript material. The application is being developed specifically by the Kompetenzzentrum für elektronische Erschließungs- und Publikationsverfahren in den Geisteswissenschaften at University of Trier/Center for Digital Humanities in collaboration with Arthur Schnitzler digital.

Transcribo offers a graphic editor which makes it possible to transcribe and annotate typed and handwritten texts efficiently and intuitively marking up each individual grapheme. The data assembled are saved in a separate XML-file that is linked to the corresponding image file.

The application is a platform-independent rich client supporting all common image formats (bmp, gif, jpeg, png, tiff). It has been developed in Java using Eclipse. Transcribo is compatible with a Windows operating system (XP or subsequent) and with a Mac OS X (10.5.2 or subsequent).

For further information, see the Transcribo Homepage.